Four Sizzling Hot Properties

Every time we start working with a new real estate agent I tell them one thing. Send me your best listings. You know, the fire sales, the homes with motivated sellers, the homes with list prices significantly lower than similar properties nearby. Sometimes they send me some pretty remarkable properties…sometimes not.

That’s why I spend a chunk of my time every week trawling through listings from across Latin America. I weed out the so-so properties, and those that don’t come with a mouth-watering price tag. I only write about the best ones. So you get to see the real gems, without wading through the sea of pretenders.

Today, let’s look at four hot properties in three very different locations.

Hot Properties #1 and #2. Costa Rica’s Lake Country.

Costa Rica lake real estate
Beautiful scenery and property bargains…

It’s hard to resist Costa Rica’s lake country. If you’re looking for Lake Tahoe, without the crowds and the sticker shock property prices, Arenal fits the bill. The dramatic scenery includes a large lake, mountains and forests. But that’s not all. A volcano adds a mystical twist – and provides thermal water that powers hot springs and spas. Gourmet food, warm weather, a friendly expat community, and super property prices round out the offering…what more could you want?

In fact, this isn’t just one hot property…it’s two. I couldn’t resist a 5-acre riverfront lot with lake views. The bargain price of $55,000 caught my eye. It’s a fire sale, and the owner wants out. He’ll take $15,000 as a down payment and finance the balance over four years.

The second hot property is another bargain. It’s a three-bed, three-bath condo, also in Arenal. It’s walking distance to a village and 15 minutes from the town of Tilaran. The three-bed condo with lake views adjoins a country club with a swimming pool, gym and tennis courts. And the asking price is only $75,000.

Contact local agent Terry Moran here for more details.

Hot Property #3. South Pacific, Ecuador.

South Pacific Ecuador real estate
A condo just across from this beach costs $47 a square foot

Salinas is a great resort city on Ecuador’s Southern Pacific coast. It’s got shopping malls, large supermarkets, a choice of restaurants and cafes, two yacht clubs and a vibrant fun nightlife. The beaches are wide and sandy, and the ocean a deep Pacific blue. This piece of coast reminds many expats of Southern California. But beach and ocean view properties in Salinas won’t break the bank.

This remodel ready condo boasts a great location, just across the street from the boardwalk and beach in Salinas. It’s a spacious 1700 square feet, with four beds and three baths, and a private parking space. A sitting area in the master bedroom leads out onto a balcony. The condo needs updating, but the list price of $80,000 works out at $47 a square foot – for a boardwalk condo in a resort city. Need I say more?

Contact local agent Amy Pinoargote here to find out more.

Hot Property #4. Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

A two-bed Caribbean island condo for only $79,950

Caribbean beaches, Caribbean seas, swaying palm trees, and a sprinkling of chic…

The little beach town of Las Terrenas packs a punch. It feels distinctly Caribbean, but with a Mediterranean flavor. Gourmet restaurants, boutique hotels, spas and art galleries give it an elegant edge. This town will seduce you. Happily, you don’t need a superstar budget to buy a home in this location.

This two-bed one-bath condo has a wide terrace surrounded by lush greenery that overlooks a large shared swimming pool. It’s close to the new highway that connects Las Terrenas with the international airport at El Catey. The small complex offers full property management and will rent your unit when you’re away. The price for this condo of $79,950 works out to just over $87 per square foot – a bargain price for a Caribbean vacation home.

Contact local real estate agent Toni Green here to find out more.

All of the properties mentioned here today are one-offs, selling on a first come, first served basis. Once these homes are gone, they’re gone. So contact the local real estate agent today to make sure you bag your dream home – before someone else does.

Margaret Summerfield