My name is Toni Green and I have been working and living in the area for 15 years now, having made the move here as a single lady with my two youngest sons. I arrived with 5 suitcases and my two boys and subsequently bought land, built a house and made a whole new life for myself along the way. Now I am proud to have my own Real Estate office and my team of dedicated professionals looking after potential newcomers to our delightful home town. The wealth of knowledge I have gained whilst travelling this road is immense and I truly love that now I have the opportunity to share this with others such as yourselves and to make your paths a lot easier to navigate!

In the time that I have been here I have watched with my own eyes this once small resort town, expand and flourish into a bustling and lively cosmopolitan area with paved roads, sidewalks, 24/7 power (virtually), an ever increasing selection of fabulous bars and restaurants and a great community spirit that makes Las Terrenas a very special place. Mains water sewage has been implemented and cable TV, good fibre optic connections are being rolled out over most of the town with wifi connections easily available.

In those early days of my time here the journey to Las Terrenas was a little challenging but now, with the new highway connecting us with Santo Domingo in just under 2hrs and our new International airport at El Catey Las Terrenas is now much easier to get to in a much shorter time.

Las Terrenas has so much to offer and the rapid growth of the vacation rental market has been a great bonus for many absent or part time owners. These days owning a home here can mean a property that truly pays for itself and earns income. We have ourselves grown our property management services and are very established as a rental booking agency with many clients that come back to us for their vacation rentals year after year. For advice and information about these services please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Was it a crazy whim, or part of a bigger master plan for me to end up here? I’m not sure I will ever know but I am so thankful every single day that I came on this adventure and I hope that maybe you too will be inspired to take a step in the direction of making your own person dreams come true.

I hope that I get to meet you in Las Terrenas, really really soon.